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    Simple, all natural cleaning solutions!

    Have you ever been curious about making your own home cleaning products, but are overwhelmed at the thought of starting? Don’t worry, I was in your shoes not that long ago. I finally decided to make my families home health a priority and started making our most commonly used cleaners myself. Although I am not completely finished phasing out ALL commercial cleaning products I have come a long way and YOU can too. Ayurveda is rooted in mother nature and therefore promotes living a holistic lifestyle to every extent possible. It isn’t exactly easy it today’s world to stay away from toxins, chemicals, and pollutants. However, there are small steps…

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    7 Simple Holistic Roadtrip Recovery Tips

    Have you ever taken a road trip, or long day trip, returned home and felt awful the next day? You are not alone, I used to experience this quite frequently myself. During road trips it inevitably seems like you make poor food decisions, don’t stop for proper rest, and lose a lot of energy focusing on the road and where you are going. This hyper-focus on the outside physical world takes a toll on your body and when you return home, finally able to relax, your body is overloaded and symptoms begin to appear. Symptoms like headache, body aches, a general sense of “yuck” and exhaustion begins to set in.…